The Thoroughbred

The Thoroughbred horse is most commonly known as the racehorse breed. This breed is a very athletic and sporty breed. Not only are they very good at racing but they are used a lot in English riding. Thoroughbreds are used largely in showjumping, hunter jumpers, polo, dressage, and basic everyday riding. As you can see, the English discipline uses these horses widely, but they are also used in the Western discipline in  different speed events such as barrel racing or even used for pleasure trail riding. This breed is considered a “hot-blooded” breed. As stated above this breed is very athletic and known for their speed and hot-headed personality.

This breed originated from England. The average lifespan of this breed is 25-28 years old. This is one of the taller breeds of horses, averaging around 16 hands and weighing in at approximately 1,000 pounds. The Thoroughbred’s breed standards for color are fairly simple; they are recognized as being one of the following: black, dark bay/brown, bay, chestnut, palomino, grey/roan, or white. 

The primary breed for polo horses are Thoroughbred’s. Polo is a team sport played on horseback. Depending on the area of play there are three (arena) or four (field) players per team at a time. A string of six to seven horses are played per person every match (game). Each horse is played for seven minutes. The objective of the game is to get the polo ball through the goal on the opponent’s side of the field. 

Another discipline the breed is extensively used for is show jumping. The goal of show jumping is to complete the course without hitting/knocking over the jumps with the fastest time. The breed is very agile and speedy so they make for a very good candidate for this discipline. 

Overall, the Thoroughbred is a very versatile breed and they excel especially in English disciplines. 

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